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Si and Ge nanowire growth papers

This week’s journal club items (delayed by a few days due to travel) are two recent papers by IBM group on Vapor-Liquid-Solid growth of silicon and germanium nanowires, using properties of AuSi and AuGe low-temperature eutectic alloys. The first one … Continue reading

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Seamus Davis on “Atomic Scale Visualization of ‘Pseudogap’ Electronic Matter in Cuprates”

Kavli Institute on Theoretical Physics at Santa Barbara, KITP, has a great program of posting videos and slides of their numerous talks online. (You can also subscribe to their numerous RSS feeds and get them as podcasts) This week I … Continue reading

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Mmmm… PIE!

The title should be pronounced using your best Homer Simpson voice. PIE stands for “Ptychographical Iterative Engine”, and it’s the most interesting development in lens-less imaging this year. The idea is to use diffraction patterns from overlapping regions (which look … Continue reading

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Helmut Dosch’s colloquium

This week’s Journal Club update is inspired by yesterday’s colloquium by Helmut Dosch, one of the directors of Max Planck institute. His excellent talk was on solid-liquid interfaces, one of the most puzzling and inaccessible types of interfaces. Continue reading

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