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Coherent X-ray Imaging of Antiphase Domain Boundaries

Today’s featured paper is a PRB by Lorenz-M. Stadler et al. on coherent x-ray imaging of antiphase domain boundaries in FeAl alloy. The basic idea of antiphase boundary is simple, and illustrated for a binary 2D alloy on the diagram … Continue reading

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Persistence of memory

Persistence of memory – how does a magnet “remember” it’s state? Does it remember what it used to look like if you cycle the magnetic field? It appears the answer is yes, and disorder is the driving force behind the … Continue reading

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Granular “Splash”, new results

What happens when you drop a steel bearing ball into a fine sand? Turns out you get a granular post-impact “splash”, similar to what you would expect in a liquid, followed by a narrow upward-directed granular jet emanating from the … Continue reading

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Soap Bubble Clusters

Rev. Mod. Phys. features a short (and quite mathematically inclined) Colloquium on Soap Bubble Clusters by Frank Morgan. It discusses things like “Double Bubble Conjecture” and other fun geometrical work on soap bubbles.

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A quick and belated item this week is the letter by Jesson et al., from Australia on new approach to extract 3D information from what is originally a 2D PEEM images [Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 016103 (2007), “Imaging Surface Topography … Continue reading

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Charge-flipping algorithm in x-ray crystallography

I will post on results presented in Coherence-2007 conference soon, but this (or rather “last”) week’s entry is the echo of recent issue of Journal Club for Condendsed Matter Physics (formerly hosted by Lucent/Bell Labs), with a commentary by Simon … Continue reading

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Ultrafast work at SPPS

This week’s item is inspired by my recent visit to Stanford, in anticipation of the world’s first x-ray free electron laser – LCLS, which will open in 2009. LCLS is a facility that will feature ultrashort (200 fs) x-ray pulses … Continue reading

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