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Lensless x-ray imaging with tabletop sources

This week’s item is the PRL paper by Sandberg et al., “Lensless Diffractive Imaging Using Tabletop Coherent High-Harmonic Soft-X-Ray Beams” Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 098103 (2007). It is essentially a collaboration between JILA/Colorado groups of Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane … Continue reading

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Monatomic Glass

This week’s item is a recent Nature paper “Vitrification of a monatomic metallic liquid” by Bhatt et. al from Angell’s group at Arizona State (Nature 448, 787-790 (16 August 2007)). It is accompanied by News and Views article “Metal turned … Continue reading

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XFEL trifecta in Science, Nature

Last week was the “perfect storm” of XFEL ultrafast science, with four papers in Nature and Science: Nature featured a paper by Henry Chapman et al. on Femtosecond time-delay X-ray Holography. By recording an interference pattern of a particle and … Continue reading

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Two PRLs on Colloidal Glasses

Confocal laser 3D microscopy studies of colloidal dynamics (typical size of particles on the order of a micron) have been producing a lot of results in the literature lately. Here are two PRLs, pulled almost by random out of selection … Continue reading

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Ode to crystal growers

Deviating from our usual theme of centering attention on research manuscripts, here’s an excellent article in August’07 issue of Physics Today, on US condensed-matter community grapples with availability of crystalline samples. Abstract: Crystal growing for physics measurements has fallen between … Continue reading

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