XFEL trifecta in Science, Nature

Last week was the “perfect storm” of XFEL ultrafast science, with four papers in Nature and Science:

Nature featured a paper by Henry Chapman et al. on Femtosecond time-delay X-ray Holography. By recording an interference pattern of a particle and it’s mirror image it is possible to record an ultrafast “explosive” motion of the particle due to exposure of the x-ray beam. It’s the ultimate pump-probe experiment where both pump and probe are one and the same.
This paper is accompanied by News and Views article “Femtophysics: Double vision” by Andrea Cavalleri.

Science has two review papers out – one is “Harnessing Attosecond Science in the Quest for Coherent X-rays” by Kaptey et. al from Margaret Murnane’s group at Colorado Boulder.

There is also a Review paper by Phil Bucksbaum on “The Future of Attosecond Spectroscopy”.

Thee two papers are part of the special section on attosecond spectroscopy, also featured as a cover story.

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