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Why Ice is Slippery, Snowflakes and other regular December items

December issue of Physics Today often features snow or ice related articles. A lot of them have to do with arguably the most misunderstood topic in physics – why ice is slippery? Generation of scientists were taught that skating on … Continue reading

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Spintronics and magnetic data storage review

Related to 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics that was awarded last month for discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) effect, there is an excellent review in a recent Nature Materials on Spintronics and its use in magnetic data storage devices, by … Continue reading

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How ropes coil and knot

Two papers featured this week, both relating to behavior of macroscopic “soft” matter – namely ropes, threads, spaghetti and other linear elastic and flexible objects. The first one is a PRL by Habibi et al., “Coiling of elastic ropes” Phys. … Continue reading

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