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Droplet Reunion

In an article Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 024501 (2008) Nicolas Bremond, Abdou Thiam, and Jerome Bibette are studying coalescence of the emulsion droplets (sizes on the order of tens of microns) in microfluidic channels. What they find is that coalescence … Continue reading

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Near-Field X-ray Speckle

There is a brand new paper that appeared today in Nature Physics by Cerbino and co-workers that describes a new x-ray coherent technique based on observations of Near-Field Speckle pattern. Typically x-ray speckles (or visible light speckles) are observed in … Continue reading

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DNA capture and recapture with nanopores

The featured article is “Recapturing and trapping single molecules with a solid-state nanopore” by Gershow, M. & Golovchenko, J. A. Nature Nanotech. 2, 775–779 (2007). The idea behind nanopore-based DNA sequencing is relatively simple – pass a DNA molecule through … Continue reading

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