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Xraying Nanoparticles in Ball-Lightning and Fuel Injection jets

Observations of ball-lightning – long-lived (2 to 50 seconds) bright fireballs size of baseball to beach ball – have been observed for centuries. Previous theoretical work ascribes the longevity of the ball lightnings to the slow oxidation process of silicon, … Continue reading

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X-raying Sandcastles

This week the featured article is “Morphological clues to wet granular pile stability” by M. Scheel (advanced Nature Materials publication). As every child playing on the beach quickly learns, there’s a magic degree of “wetness” of the sand to create … Continue reading

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Nanoparticle Self-assembly with DNA

Image on the left is the cover of Jan. 31 issue of Nature. Anyone who took high school chemistry has played with “sticks and balls” models of molecules or crystalline atoms. There are magnetic toy sets which allow kids to … Continue reading

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