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Dynamical phase transition in periodically sheared colloids

This weeks item is Nature Physics paper Random organization in periodically driven systems by Corte, Golub, Chaikin and Pine. When you consider a dilute suspension of colloidal particles undergoing a periodic driving force – such as shear, at low density … Continue reading

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Droplet Coalescence

Two recent PRLs are addressing the issue of how two droplets merge into one. Kamel Fezzaa and Yujie Wang from Argonne use ultrafast x-ray phase-contrast imaging to take sub-microsecond exposures of droplet coalescence, which is complete in just under a … Continue reading

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Keyhole Imaging, Relaxation in Nanoparticles, CDW correlations

In advanced publication of Nature Physics, Brian Abbey and colleagues present a new technique, called “Keyhole Coherent Diffractive Imaging”, which enables them to study extended objects (in similar fashion as ptychography, but based on a somewhat different geometry). The basic … Continue reading

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X-ray lens-less imaging of buried nanostructures

Coherent X-ray Diffraction allows reconstruction of small particles with ~15 nanometer resolution. However, High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (see current issue of MRS Bulletin for review) can achieve an atomic-scale resolution for crystalline nanoscale objects. But since electrons interact very … Continue reading

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Dark-field X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging

This week’s featured paper is the paper by Franz Pfeiffer and colleagues at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland: Hard-X-ray dark-field imaging using a grating interferometer, Nature Materials 7, 134 – 137 (2008) . This Nature Materials paper is related to … Continue reading

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