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Superconductivity in iron-based layered compounds

The featured article this time is advanced online publication in Nature on Superconductivity in FeAs-based layered compounds by Takahashi et al. This is the first publication in Science/Nature from what I am sure many to follow on this topic, with … Continue reading

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3D Neutron Microscopy

This week we highlight a paper in Nature Physics by Nikolay Kardjilov and co-authors “Three-dimensional imaging of magnetic fields with polarized neutrons”. 3D tomography and microscopy with x-rays is nothing new. Neutrons, however, provide the advantage of strong scattering from … Continue reading

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sub-picosecond movies of nucleation dynamics

A shortlived SPPS facility is still producing papers – this week it’s the PRL paper by Aaron Lindenberg and some 28 co-authors ” X-Ray Diffuse Scattering Measurements of Nucleation Dynamics at Femtosecond Resolution” Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 135502 (2008). This … Continue reading

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Giant molecules or tiny crystals?

Nature Materials has a News and Views article by Ian Robinson titled “Coherent diffraction: Giant molecules or tiny crystals?”, which reviews recent coherent electron diffraction results by Huang et al. featured here earlier. One of the interesting points made in … Continue reading

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