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Physics Today: Fe-based Superconductors, first dedicated synchrotron facility

May-2008 issue of Physics Today has an article on recently discovered Fe-based superconductors. In the same issue there’s an article on evolution of a dedicated synchrotron facility, a 240 MeV storage ring in Winsconsin named Tantalus. Advertisements

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Pine-tree PbS nanowires, screw dislocations and Eshelby twist

This week’s item is Science Express paper “Dislocation-Driven Nanowire Growth and Eshelby Twist ” by Michael Bierman et al. (doi:10.1126/science.1157131). By growing PbS nanowires using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) they observe hyper-branched structures, similar to the pine trees with a … Continue reading

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two PRLs on x-ray phasing

Two new PRLs are dealing with x-ray phasing. The first paper is de Jonge et al., “Quantitative Phase Imaging with a Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope” Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 163902 (2008). Typically the differential phase contrast measurements become non-trivial for … Continue reading

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