Links for April 2012

Ultrafast Strain Engineering in Complex Oxide Heterostructures

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xray ultrafast strain
Viewpoint: Ultrafast Phase Control in Oxide Thin Films

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ultrafast xray
Electric-Field Control of Nonvolatile Magnetization in Co_{40}Fe_{40}B_{20}/Pb(M…

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magnetism magnetoelectrics
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xray XFEL
Pump-probe experiments at X-ray free electron laser sources

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journalclub pump-probe xray ultrafast XFEL
Sparsity-based single-shot subwavelength coherent diffractive imaging

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xray coherent microscopy
Direct Observation of Charge Ordering in Magnetite Using Resonant Multiwave X-Ra…

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xray resonant magnetism
Macroscopic Phase-Field Model of Partial Wetting: Bubbles in a Capillary Tube

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liquids wetting softmatter
Colloquium: Disclination loops, point defects, and all that in nematic liquid cr…

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Coherent Control of the Route of an Ultrafast Magnetic Phase Transition via Low-…

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magnetism ultrafast
Two-Dimensional X-Ray Beam Phase Sensing

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xray speckle coherent
Substrate Clamping Effects on Irreversible Domain Wall Dynamics in Lead Zirconat…

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Viewpoint: Light Bends Itself into an Arc

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metamaterials light
Structure of SrTiO_{3} Films on Si

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xray STO Si
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