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Week of 10/10/08

In attempt to make these posts more regular I will be trying a different approach of simply posting links to various papers of interest, without much graphics or commentary. V. A. Martinez, G. Bryant and W. van Megen, “Slow Dynamics … Continue reading

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Dynamical phase transition in periodically sheared colloids

This weeks item is Nature Physics paper Random organization in periodically driven systems by Corte, Golub, Chaikin and Pine. When you consider a dilute suspension of colloidal particles undergoing a periodic driving force – such as shear, at low density … Continue reading

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Nanoparticle Self-assembly with DNA

Image on the left is the cover of Jan. 31 issue of Nature. Anyone who took high school chemistry has played with “sticks and balls” models of molecules or crystalline atoms. There are magnetic toy sets which allow kids to … Continue reading

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Near-Field X-ray Speckle

There is a brand new paper that appeared today in Nature Physics by Cerbino and co-workers that describes a new x-ray coherent technique based on observations of Near-Field Speckle pattern. Typically x-ray speckles (or visible light speckles) are observed in … Continue reading

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Quasi-Forbidden Bragg peaks from soft matter

This week’s item is a rather technical Nature Materials paper by Forster et al., “Order causes secondary Bragg peaks in soft materials”[Nature Materials 6, 888 – 893 (2007)]. Atomic crystals can often be well-ordered, meaning that the correlation length on … Continue reading

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Two PRLs on Colloidal Glasses

Confocal laser 3D microscopy studies of colloidal dynamics (typical size of particles on the order of a micron) have been producing a lot of results in the literature lately. Here are two PRLs, pulled almost by random out of selection … Continue reading

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