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3D object reconstruction from random orientations

The featured item this time is “Structure from Fleeting Illumination of Faint Spinning Objects in Flight with Application to Single Molecules” by Russell Fung and co-authors at U Wisconsin Milwaukee. The promise of solving atomic-resolution 3D structure of biological proteins … Continue reading

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sub-picosecond movies of nucleation dynamics

A shortlived SPPS facility is still producing papers – this week it’s the PRL paper by Aaron Lindenberg and some 28 co-authors ” X-Ray Diffuse Scattering Measurements of Nucleation Dynamics at Femtosecond Resolution” Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 135502 (2008). This … Continue reading

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XFEL trifecta in Science, Nature

Last week was the “perfect storm” of XFEL ultrafast science, with four papers in Nature and Science: Nature featured a paper by Henry Chapman et al. on Femtosecond time-delay X-ray Holography. By recording an interference pattern of a particle and … Continue reading

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Ultrafast work at SPPS

This week’s item is inspired by my recent visit to Stanford, in anticipation of the world’s first x-ray free electron laser – LCLS, which will open in 2009. LCLS is a facility that will feature ultrashort (200 fs) x-ray pulses … Continue reading

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Coherent X-ray imaging and dynamics

This week’s journal club item is a Science magazine review article by Gaffney and Chapman on imaging of atomic structure and dynamics using coherent x-ray beams, ultrafast x-ray beams and the combination of the two. Even though most of the … Continue reading

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