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Recent Coherent X-ray Literature Round-Up

Electrospray approach to single-particle diffraction at XFEL facilities: M. Bogan, W. Benner, S. Boutet et al., “Single Particle X-ray Diffractive Imaging,” Nano Letters 8, 310-316 (2008) A study of SiN etched “logo” pattern x-ray induced destruction, similar to Chapman’s Nature … Continue reading

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More coherent x-ray lens-less image reconstructions

New paper in Science by Pierre Thibault et al. “High-Resolution Scanning X-ray Diffraction Microscopy” Science 321, 379 (2008). Authors use an approach identical to ptychography  to demonstrate the power of the technique by reconstructing the Fresnel Zone Plate – similar … Continue reading

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Giant molecules or tiny crystals?

Nature Materials has a News and Views article by Ian Robinson titled “Coherent diffraction: Giant molecules or tiny crystals?”, which reviews recent coherent electron diffraction results by Huang et al. featured here earlier. One of the interesting points made in … Continue reading

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