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3D object reconstruction from random orientations

The featured item this time is “Structure from Fleeting Illumination of Faint Spinning Objects in Flight with Application to Single Molecules” by Russell Fung and co-authors at U Wisconsin Milwaukee. The promise of solving atomic-resolution 3D structure of biological proteins … Continue reading

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Recent Coherent X-ray Literature Round-Up

Electrospray approach to single-particle diffraction at XFEL facilities: M. Bogan, W. Benner, S. Boutet et al., “Single Particle X-ray Diffractive Imaging,” Nano Letters 8, 310-316 (2008) A study of SiN etched “logo” pattern x-ray induced destruction, similar to Chapman’s Nature … Continue reading

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Pine-tree PbS nanowires, screw dislocations and Eshelby twist

This week’s item is Science Express paper “Dislocation-Driven Nanowire Growth and Eshelby Twist ” by Michael Bierman et al. (doi:10.1126/science.1157131). By growing PbS nanowires using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) they observe hyper-branched structures, similar to the pine trees with a … Continue reading

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two PRLs on x-ray phasing

Two new PRLs are dealing with x-ray phasing. The first paper is de Jonge et al., “Quantitative Phase Imaging with a Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope” Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 163902 (2008). Typically the differential phase contrast measurements become non-trivial for … Continue reading

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3D Neutron Microscopy

This week we highlight a paper in Nature Physics by Nikolay Kardjilov and co-authors “Three-dimensional imaging of magnetic fields with polarized neutrons”. 3D tomography and microscopy with x-rays is nothing new. Neutrons, however, provide the advantage of strong scattering from … Continue reading

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