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Dark-field X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging

This week’s featured paper is the paper by Franz Pfeiffer and colleagues at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland: Hard-X-ray dark-field imaging using a grating interferometer, Nature Materials 7, 134 – 137 (2008) . This Nature Materials paper is related to … Continue reading

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Near-Field X-ray Speckle

There is a brand new paper that appeared today in Nature Physics by Cerbino and co-workers that describes a new x-ray coherent technique based on observations of Near-Field Speckle pattern. Typically x-ray speckles (or visible light speckles) are observed in … Continue reading

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Partially Wetting Thin Films show no capillary dynamics

This week’s very short item is featuring recently published work by Christian Gutt et al. on XPCS studies of thin partially wetting liquid films: Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 096104 (2007). The basic summary of the result is that thin (unlike … Continue reading

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Sudoku, folding proteins and coherent diffraction

…all of these problems have a lot in common – they involve exhaustive search with a huge number of parameters, accompanied by a similarly large number of constraints, or rules. The picture on the left is from the cover illustration … Continue reading

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Glass on cooling OR heating

This week’s item is a paper that just appeared on by Simon Mochrie’s Yale group and Argonne collaborators on a unique situation that occurs in a liquid that becomes a glass upon cooling OR heating: X. Lu et al., … Continue reading

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Lensless x-ray imaging with tabletop sources

This week’s item is the PRL paper by Sandberg et al., “Lensless Diffractive Imaging Using Tabletop Coherent High-Harmonic Soft-X-Ray Beams” Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 098103 (2007). It is essentially a collaboration between JILA/Colorado groups of Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane … Continue reading

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XFEL trifecta in Science, Nature

Last week was the “perfect storm” of XFEL ultrafast science, with four papers in Nature and Science: Nature featured a paper by Henry Chapman et al. on Femtosecond time-delay X-ray Holography. By recording an interference pattern of a particle and … Continue reading

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